nevada mathews

Nevada Matthews-Connelly

0401 588 062

Servicing Mount Warren Park, Windaroo, Tanah Merah and surrounding Suburbs

When you’re not working, what do you spend your time doing?
I enjoy spending time with my wife and our two small children, staying fit in our home gym and having a few drinks at the pub with friends and family.

What’s your favourite thing about living in your area?
Location, greenery, and demographic. Living on the border of Mount Warren Park and Windaroo means we have lush greenery surrounding us, I love waking up to mountains of trees. We love being just minutes from the M1 with a short trip to Brisbane City and Gold Coast. My favourite part is the demographic of our neighbours who are mainly families or older people who have been here for years. 

If someone was to visit your area, what are the top 3 things you recommend they do?

  • Play some holes at Mount Warren Park Golf Club or Windaroo Golf Club 
  • Go to Sugar Creek Smokehouse, best food. 
  • Take the kids to any of the many parks we have surrounding us

Important question that everyone will want to know the answer to - if you’re going for dinner/breakfast/coffee somewhere in your area, where are you going?

For coffee we love Cube Coffee Mount Warren Park, for lunch we like to pop down to the Windaroo Golf Club and for dinner it’s got to be Sugar Creek Smokehouse.

What is your favourite thing about being a Mortgage Broker?
Favourite thing would have to be the people I meet. I love meeting business owners, first home buyers, entrepreneurial people and introducing them all to each other. Referring our eco-system to each other is the best feeling. It’s also handy knowing a lot of people who specialise in a lot of different things. My favourite type of loans would have to be either first home buyer loans as it is an emotional experience to be a part of and then the complete opposite where I have clients who have multiple business, multiple investment properties and multiple considerations to be made. It really pushes me to think outside the box and educate myself further. 

Did you always know that you wanted to be a Mortgage broker? What was your past experience before joining the team? How many years experience do you have in the finance industry as a mortgage broker?

No. In high school I wanted to leave year 12 and go straight into the Army. After meeting my wife in year 9 and realising being colour blind would affect how many job types I could do in the Army, I decided to change paths. My family owned a printing business, so I left school at 16 and ended up managing that for 6 years. Once my first daughter came along, I decided I wanted to get into a job that I was more interested in and would allow some flexibility, that lead me to wanting to join a Financial Advisory Firm. During that 1 year at that firm I had a bit of insight into the mortgage broking arm of that business. I enjoyed this side of the business a lot more and knew it was right for me. In 2019 I started Mortgage broking, 2020 I joined Cube as I knew it was a great company as I was a client before joining, 2023 I was awarded New Broker of the Year (Qld) and in the same year my wife and I joined Scott and Jo as Co-owners of Cube.